4. What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a media file (primarily audio and video) that is delivered by syndication feeds (RSS) over the Internet to mobile devices or computers. The author or host of the podcast is called a podcaster, whilst the name Pod is derived from the iPod portable music player brand.

How to listen to or watch a Podcast?

Podcasts are designed to be cross compatible, they can be viewed on most desktop computers and laptops via client side or online players. By the nature of their name they were developed for listening to on Apple's phenomenally successful iPods. Recent developments in mobile phone technology have facilitated the download of Podcasts to subscribers' mobile phones, Blackberries and similar mobile devices.

Examples of Podcasts

Radio 1

Entire radio shows from your favourite presenter can be downloaded or streamed to your computer or mobile device. Visit Radio One.

University of Ulster

Spoken articles on many academic aspects can be listened to from the University of Ulster Site. Potentially I can see lectures being podcasted in both audio and video form.


Technorati.com features articles and podcasts on anything you could possibly want to hear about, pulling RSS from millions of sources.