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News from Marco

First Class!

First Class Honours!


I've just found out that I have achieved a First Class Honours in my course, BSc (Hons) Interactive Multimedia Design. I will graduate on the 4th of July 2007, and I'm now fully open to employment offers and freelance work.

Pictorious - Flex 2


I've just finished working on my latest uni project, This is an interactive guide to digital SLR photography. Built in Adobe Flex 2, and integrated with the Flickr API and PHP.


COM601 Rich Internet Application - AJAX


COM601 Rich Internet Application/AJAX/Backbase website for university students at the University of Ulster.
COM601 *Firefox only* *Allow loading time*

Assignment 1

RSS Information Site - XHTML/Flash


An educational website about RSS and Podcasting. Use the 'NavPOD' wheel to select pages. View RSS


Marcography - HTML


I love music and I love photography, combine the two and you get 1000s of photos of local bands. I've set up a simple website to showcase my photography, check out Marcography.